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You're probably right that it would have been an awful experience, and they likely would have taken credit in the end for any creative input you had in the process...everything happens for a reason, and I'm sure you're better off where you are now! It also sounds like you learned from it, so that's invaluable!


Ms. Debbi Morgan,I have been a fan of yours for so long. I remember wactihng the young Angie & Jesse on AMC when I was a young girl. I’m not that much younger than you so wactihng your character grow to become a successful and wactihng a black actress in that role was inspiring. You know how you can tell good acting? Back in the day when Jesse cheated on Angie, I started to dislike the actor for a while. When Angie wouldn’t forgive Jesse when that one lady (can’t remember her name, although I’ve seen her on other programs and she is a wonderful actress) set him up, I was mad at you for not believing him. My point is that as loyal fans, your character’s world becomes a part of our world. And we are blessed to the opportunity to enjoy you share your wonderful talent. I’m a long time Y&R fan. Although the storylines lately have not been the strongest, the talented actors/esses do the best with what they have to work with to keep us loyal fans wactihng. My hope is that you are given the role of an intelligent, strong woman and that you as an intelligent and strong actress will not fall into the “sex-opera” that Y&R has become. As a daytime veteran, I hope that you are able to help the writers of Y&R see that the drama and scandal that we, the fans seek from soap operas does not always have to be careless, thoughtless, loveless and irresponsible sex for every character on our favorite shows.Congrats to you on your new journey and trust that your loyal fans will be following you and will continue support you in all that you do!

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This second MP3 is 005 The Big East has won all three Pinstripe Bowls so far, with Syracuse winning two and Rutgers one.

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