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enjoy your blog, but in the future don't reveal who is voted out on twitter the same day as the show. not everyone can watch right when the show comes on and it ruined my dvr experience. love you!


Frisky, not creepy - being visually attracted to Albert's tight forming underwear is normal for 20-some ladies.

Brandon denying his visual attraction to Mikala and imagining this attraction as temptressing is creepy.

"Chucky Cheese stories" is Stacey's way of saying "tall tales to captivate kiddies".

Albert is the snorer, according to Rick.

I see Polonium is late with his trolling.

You need more practice with your spoken word art.


It's not trolling when I am 100% in support of Andrea's b.loggessing.

Fierce blog as always! I loved the poem. It rhymed, and as I have always believed, all poems must rhyme.



That was a very cute/funny blog. Didn't know you were writing them this season but enjoyed it immensely!


Your Blog its the best so faaar... I love Reading you!!! xD


This was absolutely fantastic Andrea. I love your sense of humor while still calling the episode as it is seen. I loved it too the way the innocent dumbass Brandon quietly says, "Who's Benjamin" is he for real?

Loved the spoken word, don't be too surprised if Semhar is learning that right now and when Lys, Elice or even Elise makes it to Ponderosa, she's going to recite to her.

Look forward to next week's blog :)


I'm routing for the fat gay guy. Christine caleld Coach a tool and a dope. She cast the first stone by calling Coach temporary and she wants clemency? I hope when she finally gets whats coming to her, Coach is there and he gives her the boo hoo face she gave him at tribal council. The only good that can possibly come out of Christine is a Sue Hawk like speech if she somehow makes it to the final three. In the meantime, Semhar was no big loss. Anytime she spoke what she caleld poetry I heard crickets begging for the pain to go away.


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